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Donating will be one of the easiest ways to participate in the BTTY Tour. Donations can be made  to our vitiligo awareness efforts by clicking the donate button. 


One possible way to volunteer would be to be present at an event if it takes place in a town near you. The more people that we have to support the cause, the better. Volunteering may also include helping spread the BTTY Tour’s publicity, whether it be through social media or through community outreach or local media.


Become a Event Host State 

Are you passionate to promote the awareness of vitiligo in your state but not sure how to?  We can mentor & partner with you on how to create an event that will be educational and uplift our community.  

Spreading the Word


This could be as simple as liking our Facebook page, following our vlogs on YouTube, or sharing our story. You could also promote the cause via word of mouth, by bringing it up in conversation to others that may be willing to show support. Spreading the word may also include sharing your story to others, which would fulfill the end goal of diminishing the stigma around vitiligo.


Contact Us


Our email is open for correspondence with anyone who may want to reach out to us with their story, further sponsor the BTTY Tour, or simply say "Hello" and check in with us on the tour. As specified on our trip page, we will be shooting a mini web-series where we document people's stories, the way they want to tell them. Reach out to us if you are interested in being featured in our documentary series. We are absolutely willing to listen to your story, so please share it with us. 

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